Helping Galloway step into the spotlight


National Parks could play a crucial role in the future of our rural areas. We believe that Galloway is ideally placed to be Scotland’s next National Park, and we need to hear your views to make that happen.

South-West Scotland has a unique story and a distinctive character, distilled by centuries of migration, trade and conflict. Our landscape of wild mountains, forests and moors is bordered by a rich, historic coastline of sandy bays and wide, distant horizons where the sky meets the sea. We’re all proud of this place, and perhaps it’s time we shared it with the world.

We need your help to create a National Park at the heart of a sustainable future for Galloway

Our discussion paper is now being circulated. We are looking for your thoughts and ideas to help these plans grow into a full proposal. 


We've been filming across Galloway, gathering news and views from some local faces - we hope it encourages you to have your say! Please click on the video below to watch and if you want your voice heard on the matter - get in touch!