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Why Galloway?

Galloway has been identified as “a National Park in waiting” for decades. Official reports have discussed the idea since the 1940s, but it has never been made into reality.  

Galloway already has:

  • an internationally designated UNESCO Biosphere,

  • the first Dark Skies Park in Scotland,

  • Galloway Forest Park,

  • Superb coasts,

  • Southern Scotland’s largest tract of wild uplands,

  • A rich mosaic of farmland

  • And some amazing wildlife.

It’s easy to see why we have the potential to be a National Park. Designation would bring together all our assets to make a single, powerful package. 

Historically, Galloway provided a cradle for Christianity in Scotland and served as a backdrop to the early battles of Robert the Bruce. Our landscapes and people provided inspiration for artists and writers from Burns and Barrie to Hornel and the Glasgow Boys. Moreover, Galloway’s complex past stretches back to the days of our independence as the Kingdom of Galloway.  Scottish, English, Manx and Irish – Galloway folk have always done things differently; we deserve to be proud of our unique story!

We want you to help us shape the next chapter…

"A National Park at the heart of a sustainable future for Galloway"