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To kick off a conversation about boundaries, it made sense for us to break a large piece of South-West Scotland down into a number of more manageable areas. 

We used a methodical process which closely followed the procedure adopted in designating Scotland's two existing National Parks. This identified places which shared defining characteristics and we used these to start drawing lines on a map. We also overlaid existing designations like the Biosphere and National Scenic Areas to help us focus in on our varied, complex landscape. If you want to know more about this process click here to read about it in our discussion paper.

As you begin to look at the map below, the variety of distinctive areas in Galloway soon becomes clear. Now that we have drawn these first lines, it’s a good moment to see what you think. 

A National Park could be based on any of these areas, but which are most important to you? Everybody will have different ideas for which areas should be included in future proposals, but what do you think? Have we put the lines in the right places? 


Four possible boundaries for the park


Would you draw a different boundary? If you don’t like these options, tell us what should be in and what should be out!