The Galloway National Park Association meets Cairngorms NP

A team from Cairngorms National Park met a group of Galloway National Park Association Trustees and Patrons in Moffat.  Our brief was to learn as much as possible from their successful experience managing this 14 year old park.

We gleaned much valuable information about their approaches to tourism, planning, conservation and branding.  They felt that ‘working in partnerships’ was a key factor in their success; they saw their role as co-ordinating the efforts of the many organisations who have a stake in supporting the aims of the Cairngorms National Park (CNP).  This collaborative approach had enabled them to deliver a buoyant enterprise at a very low cost to the public; their annual budget is currently £4.5million. They shared their 2014/5 Visitor Survey, which reported the many benefits of National Park status, including 63% of overseas visitors choosing to visit because of the CNP ‘brand’. 

Alan Cameron