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Galloway has many attractions for locals and visitors alike, but these are not widely known. We’re often described as Scotland’s “best kept secret”, and we rarely receive much publicity or acclaim. 

Galloway has an ageing population - many of our young people leave the area every year and we have some of the lowest wages in Scotland. Our land-based industries – especially farming – face a very uncertain future. Local communities and economies badly need a boost.

A National Park would put Galloway on the map. As the internationally recognised stamp of outstanding natural and cultural interest, a National Park would draw more people to the area, not only to visit but also to live and work. The National Park brand could help local businesses to add value to their produce, and it would also build confidence in our future.

A National Park would not only look after our natural and cultural assets; it would also work with individuals and organisations to map out a future for the area, ensuring that we realise our full potential. There are plenty of examples to show how the energy and creativity of National Park staff can deliver benefits far exceeding the modest cost to Government.

Let us know why you think Galloway is special.